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Saturday, 31 December 2011 15:34

In your mouth will be the breathing tube. After you are asleep in the operating room this plastic tube is placed in your mouth and passed into your windpipe. The breathing tune is tapped to your cheek and connected to mechanical ventilator.

Next, the nasogastric tube will be put in place to keep air and fluid from collecting in your stomach.

Over the incisions where the surgery is performed, bandages and tape will be placed and changed daily. Also, the ECG patches will be placed over the skin.

Below your chest incision will be 1 or 2 chest tunes. The plastic chest tubes keep air and fluid from collecting in your chest and help your lungs expand.

In order to check the function of your kidneys after surgery, your urine is collected and measured every hours, To do this, a small rubber catheter is placed into your bladder after you are asleep in surgery. 

You will be cared and checked vital signs frequently.  The nurse will be at or near your bedside 24 hours a day.


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