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1. Inpatient visit for cardiac catheterization , percutaneous interventions, electrophysiology study, catheter ablation, pacemaker implantation, or endomyocardial biopsy PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 31 December 2011 14:50

After you have a scheduled date for cardiac catheterization, you may need to be admitted to the Cardiac units at Sorkor Building for patient preparation before the procedure. You are mostly required to shortly stay on that floor after the procedure as well. The Cardiac Units consist of CICU (cardiac intensive care unit) located on 17th floor, ICCU (intermediate cardiac care unit) located on12th floor, and CCU (cardiac care unit) located on 12th floor at Sorkor building.

Step-by-Step to admission process:

1.Once you get the confirmed bed available in the Cardiac Care Units with an MD sign of admission specifically to cardiac care units  , you should prepare the required documents as follows:

  • National ID card (Both original and copy needed)
  • Health Insurance Card/ National Health Care Card (Both original and copy needed)
  • MD Referral Document (Case of Civil Servant without automatic reimbursed billing)
  • King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital ID Card

2.Bring all documentation in #1 as well as your medical record with you or your family to the hospital

3.Go to Sor-Kor Building (map # 49)
4.Take the elevator to FL12 or FL 17 depending upon the physician admission order.
5.You are not allowed to take food or drink on the procedure date until the physician allows to do so.

What to bring:

Toothpaste and Toothbrush
Tissue Paper
Pampers (Especially for elderly, handicap, or dependent patients)


Note: A 120- baht-bag package containing the items described above (including soap, powder, etc) is provided at CCU front desk.

Bathrooms: There are 2 shared bathrooms in the CCU.  The Towel will be provided.

Food: You are not allowed to bring food in the CCU. The exception is only when the physician allows to do so.

Visit Time:

a. Monday-Friday    12.00 – 18.00        5-10 minutes/visit allowed, 2-3 persons / visit
b. Holiday             12.00 – 18.00        5-10 minutes/visit allowed, 2-3 persons / visit

What to expect after interventions:

  • Common Discomforts :

1.You may have a small plastic tube, redundant elastic bandage, and/or sand bag over your groin in case that you underwent cardiac catheterization and percutaneous intervention. You are not allowed to bend your groin/thigh or sit until the plastic tube is removed. The physician will remove your plastic tube when the appropriate time commenced. After plastic tube removal, you are required to lie in bed without bending the groin for at least 3-4 hours.
2.You may need to have the toilet on your patient bed due to restriction of bending groin for the period of time that physician allows.
3.You may be covered with an elastic bandage over your arm and shoulder in case that you underwent pacemaker implant. You are also restricted not to move arm for at least 3 days or the time physician allows.

  • Food and Drink You are not allowed to eat or drink until the physician allows to do so


  • Complications

Cardiac Catheterization complications may include vessels tear requiring surgery, contrast allergy, infection and or bleeding at catheter site, or kidney failure. Death is rare.

  • Pain Control You are expected to have no or minimal pain over your groin from the intervention. However, the health care team will provide you pain killing medication when you have pain.


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