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KCMH Cardiac Center

The Cardiac Center at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital (KCMH) is a Thailand's leader in state-of-the art heart surgery, cardiac catheterization, cardiac electrophysiology, advanced cardiac imaging, cardiac anesthesia, cardiac nursing, and cardiac prevention and rehabilitation. As one of the largest and most comprehensive programs in nation, the Cardiac Center at KCMH constitutes with a number of clinical experts and multi-subspecialists to achieve excellent outcomes in cardiovascular patient care, research, and education.

Home Administrative Office
Administrative Officers

Kerajit Orapimp
Supply Analyst

Kanitsart Burgkhuntod
Supply Analyst

Supaporn Karirak
Finance and Accounting Analyst

Sakuna Pringmongkol
Finance and Accounting Analyst

Peeraya Deekhomhai

Tongta Thongprasert
General Administration Officer

Chananthida Noksakul
General Administration Officer

Supawadee Oamsarp
General Administration Officer

Jindarat Sawkum
General Administration Officer

Phuriphat  Phimmafai
Secretary-Noninvasive Cardiovascular Lab

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We provide the best service to our patients from the funding we receive. However, the high demands for medical equipments and supports mean that donations make a very important difference.

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Location and Direction

Location and Direction


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